Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Learn to Travel in China .. The Sunbun Way!

I'm gonna make this blog be worth something to the 1 or 2 devoted readers that come here every day.

If you ever want to travel in China, here's some tips to survive.

1) Learn Chinese.
You'll thank me later.

2) Order food from trusted places.
It's best to play it safe and avoid any roadside stands, or any restaurants that sell only hot snacks, unless people recommend it to you. If you have to, you can order some lamb skewers from some barbeque stands - but avoid any with no customers queuing.

3) Watch for LICENSED taxis only.
Unlicensed taxis will run their meter for a long time just for profit. Tell your driver to run the meter also, or they'll charge you $100 instead of $10. Watch out!

For more tips, go to WikiTravel.org for more tips of China and other places. Maybe you'll learn something.

As for me, I got a D in school today, so I'm dead. Bye.


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