Thursday, August 11, 2005

How to open a ramune bottle and not get yourself hurt

This is a cure of boredom to me, and it helps the public a little bit too, so why the hell not.

First off, buy a bottle of Ramune. It's a soda. Look it up.
Second, tear the seal. You might wanna read what's on it, though. It could help.
Then get the green thing (opener) and tear the top off (it should look like a bottle cap with a mushroom on it, poke the mushroom through the bottletop and you should get your opener). With an open palm, push down on the bottle AND HOLD IT THERE FOR FIVE SECONDS, DAMN IT. It spills like crazy. Make sure you don't press down too hard, or you'll get a bloody red spot where the dent in the mushroom was.
Chug and save the bottle. Don't get the marble out of the bottle, you'll hurt yourself. Unless you know how to without getting a cut in your hand.

New Strong Bad Email on Monday and a sale in the store at HSR, and some other stuff. Quite funny.

(update: 69 hits, heheheheh.)


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