Saturday, May 21, 2005

Updates for Saturday, 5/21/2005

since this layout was just ... formulated, here's the latest (but not necessarily newest) updates from the linked sites.

oh, also, if you're a webmaster that wants your website/series/blog added, or deleted, email me at sunbun*gmail*com. and add some damn @ and .s, if you want.

anyhoo, here we go:

((Bonus Stage - Updated Fridays))
Life in the Blast Lines

((Homestar Runner - Updated Mondays))
do over
Stinkoman 20X6 level 6

((eBaum's World))
Last Updated: Friday, May 20

((Neurotically Yours))
Biggest Fear

((Weebl's Stuff and Weebl and Bob))
doods (W&B)
Lardman 2 (WS)
Ghostwatch (article) layout, too!


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