Monday, May 02, 2005

the homestar runner grading chart

Sunbun's Unpatented Homestar Runner Scoring Chartâ„¢:
hilarity: (if the cartoon is funny or not) out of 40
easter eggs: (if the easter eggs are plentiful and hilarious) out of 20
length: (if the cartoon is reasonibly long) out of 10
character variety: (how many characters, any new characters) out of 10
character antics: (how the characters act, are they funny) out of 10
plot: (if the toon has a plot or point) out of 10
The Cheat's appearance: add five points

overall: (add them up) out of 100

grading scale:
100-80: Awexome
79-65: Good
64-45: Fair
44-30: Poor
29-0: Sucks


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