Sunday, November 06, 2005

Jones Soda Holiday Pack 2005

So I bought one of those Jones Soda packs that everyone was clamoring about last year.

Mmmmmkay. 12 bucks and CRV.

The 5-pack contains the obligatory Turkey and Gravy soda, and this year's newbies: Pumpkin Pie, Brussels Sprouts, and Wild Herb Stuffing. Cranberry Soda rounds out the five. Also included: a list of good wines that complement the holiday dinner, a spork (:O), and a wetnap.

Although unconfirmed, I'm seeing some websites report that there's another less-mass marketed Holiday Pack with Turkey and Gravy, Smoked Salmon Pate, Broccoli Casserole, Corn on the Cob and Pecan Pie sodas.


Sunday, October 30, 2005

Guitar and More Survival Tips in China

A7x guitar came two weeks ago. Yay.

It was a Schecter Omen 6.

and now, it's time to do my civic duty of attempting to help the 2.5 people that actually come to Sunbunland.

How to Pick a Taxi (in Beijing)

1. Price stickers

Usually, the price sticker on the window tells you how old the car is. The 1.2RMB ones are sorta-old Xialis with little leg room. These are pretty old. Some don't have air conditioning, essential for summer survival.

1.6RMBs are usually Citroens or black Hyundais, which are OK - but if you need better comfort, pick the multi-colored Hyundais and other cars - these usually have a PRINTED on (not PAINTED on) taxi logo and have little signs of age. These are very comfortable.

2RMB taxis are hard to find, so that means that you should avoid them, basically.

2. Run the taximeter

Tell your driver to run the taximeter so they don't rip you off. Make sure you speak Chinese fluently (and with a Beijing accent) so the driver doesn't pick the "shortcut."

3. Make sure the driver knows where something is.

If you have to, tell them where they are and the driver will usually cooperate. Otherwise, ditch and find another taxi (if possible). If you can't, ... read #2.

That's it for this week. gn.

Friday, October 07, 2005

G4 sent me EverQuest 2.

WOOHOO! I won EverQuest 2 from that one gaming cable TV network. See, being on the internet for 7 hours a day does pay off.

I also won a guitar signed by Avenged Sevenfold... when will it come?

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Learn to Travel in China .. The Sunbun Way!

I'm gonna make this blog be worth something to the 1 or 2 devoted readers that come here every day.

If you ever want to travel in China, here's some tips to survive.

1) Learn Chinese.
You'll thank me later.

2) Order food from trusted places.
It's best to play it safe and avoid any roadside stands, or any restaurants that sell only hot snacks, unless people recommend it to you. If you have to, you can order some lamb skewers from some barbeque stands - but avoid any with no customers queuing.

3) Watch for LICENSED taxis only.
Unlicensed taxis will run their meter for a long time just for profit. Tell your driver to run the meter also, or they'll charge you $100 instead of $10. Watch out!

For more tips, go to for more tips of China and other places. Maybe you'll learn something.

As for me, I got a D in school today, so I'm dead. Bye.

Friday, September 30, 2005

Courier New, Lucida Console, or Fixedsys?

I'm having a hard time picking a fixed-width font.

Courier New is like a typewriter, except better.

Lucida Console is curly, less pixely, and is smoother than the other fonts.

Fixedsys is for coders and wannabe 1337 people.

Which one should I choose? Hmm.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Post-China Ra..n...errr...Report

Remember when there was this Israeli or Russian or whatever "LAX" officer that told me to delete all of my pictures at the airport?

Apparently, the Israeli state airline El Al has this paranoid anti-terrorism or whatever rule. They make you have a full screening after check-in.

And they don't let you take pictures at the airport. Regardless of what airline you fly.

Or so I've heard.

If this IS true, here's a tip... DON'T BE SO PSYCHO! Planespotting is a hobby. Even if you don't take pictures for the hell of it, what if you're making a scrapbook or whatever? Jeez.

Correct me if I'm wrong.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Usuyaki Chiizu Rice Cracker

The internet's never heard of it. I've never heard of it either.


See: bright yellow packaging and some Japanese i can't recognize

Smell: cheesy or buttery

Touch: the crackers are little flat tennis-ball size yellow disks. they feel bumpy.

Hear: crunchy

Taste: crunchy and buttery. THEY ARE AWESOME. You'll love them if you like rice cakes.

Overall: I WILL buy them again. The bag's a little bit empty though. (4.5/5)

Matthew's Best Hit Soda? WTF?

No, seriously, WTF?


See: colorful plastic packaging. Japanese on one side. Crazy hippie dude on the other. Rainbow in the background.


Touch: bottly

Hear: fizzy

Taste: fruity, ramune-y, but quickly transitions to an acceptable but weird aftertaste. Fades out soon after.

Overall: it's good. I'd buy it again, if I didn't break a bottle at the store by accident :\ :/ (3/5)